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Welcome to the Brighter Dental Direct Plan

Don’t worry if you don’t have insurance!

You don’t have to work for a big company to get great, quality and affordable dental care for you and your entire family.

Working together with the Quality Health Care Group, we have created a discount dental program geared towards quality and affordable dentistry.

The Brighter Dental Direct Plan is a discount dental plan that was originally created for small and mid-sized businesses and their employees but it is now available for direct purchase by individuals and families. The plan is special because it was designed to provide quality dental care that also happens to be affordable. Members of the plan are able to receive the highest quality dental care in the Brighter Dental Care state-of-the-art dental offices at reduced professional fees. This is not an insurance plan! There are no claims to file, no deductibles to worry about, no explanations of benefits, no waiting periods or replacement exclusions. Other than the initial application, there is no paperwork.

Terrific dental facilities:

There are various options for discount dental plans available to patients, however our plan was designed to offer affordable and quality dental care. Most plans get lost in the “quality” component and the plan administrators never visit the offices they participate with. This is not the case with the Brighter Dental Direct Plan.

Dental services included in the plan:

There are no exclusions. All exams, x-rays, preventive services, major dental work, cosmetic dental procedures, orthodontics, periodontal services, endodontic services and all other types of dental surgery are included in the Brighter Dental Direct Plan. Yes, this does include dental implant procedures, veneers and various teeth whitening procedures. Please note, general anesthesia is not provided at Brighter Dental Care locations. Should the need for such arise, the member shall be referred to a local dental office where such service is available and the member will be responsible for the fee charged by such dental office.

Types of doctors available for Brighter Dental Direct Plan members:

Plan members are covered with a complete team of general dentists and specialists who are all located in the same office. Areas of practice include: general and family dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, endodontics, periodontics, implant surgery, oral surgery and orthodontics. All specialty services are considered part of the program. Plan members do not have to travel to different offices or request referrals, all they have to do is visit one of the many Brighter Dental Care locations.


There are no restrictions on pre-existing conditions, no waiting periods, no frequency limitations, and no exclusions whatsoever. Children are treated as dependents until reaching the age of 23. Once you have joined, you will not need a membership card. Simply visit a Brighter Dental Care location and you will receive your membership benefits.

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