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Our Endodontic team can help!

When severe tooth and gum pain is left untreated it can lead to an infection, which may then lead to the loss of the tooth. If you’re experiencing painful dental trauma, contact Brighter Dental Care today for the Endodontic care you depend on.

Contact us at any time to receive the care you need. Dental trauma is a very painful thing to experience, so we want to make sure you can be relieved of it as soon as possible. If you’re experiencing dental pain and need an appointment immediately, contact us the moment the pain starts and we will make sure you are free of pain right away.

We have dedicated surgical suites in our facilities. Each of these suites is specialized for surgery for your convenience and for the best experience and results possible.

Our Endodontic specialists are trained and specialize in pain-free treatment. With current treatment methods, most patients will have a pleasant and painless procedure and can return directly back to work.

Conserve a healthy smile. All of our New Jersey area dental offices are conveniently located, and offer FREE specialty consultations or second opinions. Get yours today.